James Brown


James has spent over 11 years’ in consultancy working on projects across the UK and internationally to deliver creative solutions in both public and private sectors working across the full project life cycle.

James joined Steer in 2012 to develop the company’s growing creative offer in design & brand strategy, information and wayfinding design. His insight and experience have led him to take leading roles in projects across the world. In recent years, he has worked on the development and implementation of a pedestrian wayfinding system for the City of Toronto, a visual identity for Catania Airport, Italy and the development of a wayfinding and connectivity study for Brick Lane, London.

Alongside his role as a design consultant James is the team manager for the design team. His responsibilities include day to day operations, business development, risk management and market planning and delivery.

Articles and insights by this expert

18 May 2020

A space revolution

The Covid-19 pandemic has reawakened our interest in green and open space with many of us heading to our local parks and gardens for our daily exercise. James Brown asks whether the current situation will challenge future thinking about how we design our cities and communities to prioritise our public spaces. 

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14 May 2019

Placemaking: idea and tool for change

Placemaking is both an overarching idea and a tool for improving a street, neighbourhood, or even a city; it can inspire a collective reimagination of spaces by strengthening the connection between people and places. So, what is the key to successful placemaking?

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22 Feb 2019

Steer to undertake a review of the functionality & performance of Aldgate stations in London

The Aldgate Partnership (TAP) commissioned Steer to undertake a review of the functionality and performance of both Aldgate and Aldgate East stations. The core objective of this brief was to understand and provide recommendations to improve under-performance and accessibility in order to enable growth within the Aldgate area.

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03 Aug 2018

Reconnecting Toronto: the PATH and TO360 network

Toronto PATH is the world’s largest underground retail complex. Located in Toronto’s downtown core, the PATH connects over 75 buildings and 40 km of retail frontage in an underground labyrinth of pedestrian walkways and spaces. The network experiences over 200,000 business-day commuters and thousands of additional tourists, visitors and residents; and, with over $1.7 billion in annual sales, provides an invaluable contribution to the city’s economic viability. 

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17 Aug 2017

Making first impressions count

In a world that is increasingly digital, physical signage may seem like a priority of the past. However, the power of an impactful wayfinding system can provide far more than simple directional guidance — it can be an extension of your brand identity. 

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