Clare Seldon

Associate Cartographer

Clare has 20 years’ experience in cartography and is an expert in producing different types of maps across all sectors.

Clare joined Steer after seven years of working on sustainable transport maps for major clients, including Transport for London. She expanded her skills into web design and digital mapping outputs where she created one of the first large-scale interactive transport mapping sites in the UK. She is an active OSM contributor and regularly presents at seminars and conferences with the British Cartographic Society.

At Steer, Clare leads the cartographic design offer within our design team and has developed the mapping standards across the company, both in print and digital media. She excels at creating effective problem-solving mapping solutions to multi-modal projects by identifying and appreciating the needs and abilities of the end user.

Articles and insights by this expert

27 Jun 2023

Steer shortlisted for the 2023 Design Week Awards

Our See Paddington project has been shortlisted in the 'Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics' category.

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15 Jun 2023

Turning a map into wayfinding

We’ve all got access to mobile mapping and A-to-B directions in the palm of our hands, so how does a map with signage along that route...

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09 Dec 2022

Finding trends with maps

It's great to have data for a particular snapshot of time, but what makes things even more interesting is to compare that data with...

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01 Dec 2022

We did it! Our #30DayMapChallenge 2022 is now complete

If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen us attempting this years map challenge - to share 30 maps during November - following a...

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14 Nov 2022

How did a map made at Steer end up in this book?

Well, when we started the #30DayMapChallenge on Twitter last year (2021), we never expected to get the 56k+ views and 17k+ visits that we...

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