Modelling and forecasting

The world’s urban environments, highway and public transport networks, and digital and energy/utility infrastructure systems, are under ever-growing pressure to balance between the competing demands of goods and people movement and connectivity, and the creation of liveable places. Modelling is an essential aid to decision-makers and designers in identifying and optimising this balance — from region and city level down to individual streets.

Our team provides services spanning all levels of modelling and all modes. Depending on the geographical study area and the questions you want to be answered, our team can derive the correct modelling approach. Whether it be determining economic benefits of new transport infrastructure, analytical frameworks and assessment of pathways to net zero carbon, operational modelling to optimize the performance of a public transport corridor or optimizing station layouts for pedestrian capacity and movement, we have the global skills and capacity to provide insight that adds value to the design and operation of transport infrastructure.

We offer a truly integrated approach – our transport modellers, highway designers, urban planners and economists collaborate daily to ensure we have a shared understanding of the unique needs and objectives of each project. Our broad range of skills and experience means we will always adopt the right tool for the right job – and not solely make a recommendation based on internal capabilities.

How we can help you

Our modelling services and existing client base spans an array of transport sectors including public-sector, developers, urban planners, contractors, public transport operators, highway authorities and major event planners. Our core offer includes:

  • Benefit modelling
  • Decarbonisation impact assessment
  • Pedestrian movement
  • Traffic modelling
  • Demand and revenue modelling
  • Economic modelling
  • Air quality and emissions

We are Steer

Yes, you are in the right place. After 40 years, we have changed our name from Steer Davies Gleave to mark our growing international footprint and our expanding portfolio into sectors beyond transport.

Explore our new website to learn more about Steer: who we are, how we work and what our future holds.