Elaine Meskhi

Principal Consultant
Elaine Meskhi

Elaine is a Chartered Systems Engineer with over seven years of experience in the sustainable energy and transport industries. During this time, Elaine’s been engaged in innovation trials and led consultancy projects helping organisations of different types and sizes to understand what the transition to electric road transport means and how best to navigate the associated changes. She has a successful track record of managing multi-stakeholder, data-based projects for electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), Local Authorities, fleet operators and other organisations. 

As a Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure expert, Elaine’s domain knowledge, data analysis skillset and ability to engage with different stakeholders to develop bespoke and evidence-based strategies for infrastructure rollout are highly valued by Steer’s clients. 

Articles and insights by this expert

01 Dec 2023

Women ‘in Charge’: What we learned about the future of EVs

This Rethink Rooms event highlighted the significant steps taken towards an EV future in the UK.

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16 Mar 2023

Taking charge of EV infrastructure changes

One of the most significant barriers to the rollout of EV chargers has been the cost of connecting to the grid.

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