Serbjeet Kohli

Serbjeet Kohli

Serbjeet has over 16 years’ experience in transaction advisory services for transport investments and is a specialist in travel demand modelling and forecasting and transport economics.

Serbjeet is a qualified project manager and a transport economist with key specialisation in strategic transport modelling and demand and revenue forecasting. He has managed several projects involving strategic transport model development and applications with travel demand forecasting tools. Through his experience in demand and revenue assessment of transport projects he has gained specialist skills in delivering investment grade forecasts to support bids for PPP based transport projects. 

At Steer, Serbjeet is the Director in India and is responsible for the company’s business in the country. His role is to offer the same high quality and level of service to clients in India and in the wider South Asian region as we do elsewhere in the world.

Articles and insights by this expert

14 Sep 2023

What does achieving Carbon Neutrality and driving the transition to Net Zero mean for a consultancy business?

What does it mean for a business to be Carbon Neutral? This is a question I sought to answer on a recent episode of ‘Elephant in the...

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16 Aug 2022

Who dares wins! Which sector is going to lead the monetisation pipeline being converted to value?

The asset monetisation pipeline being targeted for the current fiscal year in India is INR 1.62 lakh crores (USD $20b; GBP $16b), which...

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12 Aug 2022

Is FY23 going to be another shock year?

Over 2 years ago, just as the pandemic began, I wrote an article about forecasting in uncertain times. The context of the article was...

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19 Aug 2020

U, V, L and W recoveries in the Indian transport sector

In this article, we have studied how roads, railways, airports and ports have fared in India since March 2020. We have compared annual average daily volumes of April 2019 to March 2020 (FY20) as a benchmark.

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08 Apr 2020

Forecasting in uncertain times: What can we learn from studying 100 toll roads in India?

As we enter an uncertain period for the Indian toll road market, it is important to look back to the past to see what occurred when the nation’s economy had been rocked.

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